The 2015 Running Dead 5k has come to a successful completion! The ghouls that run the show behind the scene have learned a lot from our 1st annual “Virtual” Zombie Run, and are hard at work planning the 2016 event! With that said, The Running Dead 5k has entered “Survival Mode.” Instead of leaving the site untouched until the next race, we will be preparing you on how to survive the impending apocalypse! We will feature realistic survival tactics, that can be applied to any emergency situation, but of course, with some zombie flair throw in to make things fun!

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Hardtack is considered by many to be the ultimate survival food. If prepared properly, and stored correctly, it can be shelf stable for a year or more. Hardtack has been utilized for thousands of years, dating as far back as ancient roman and Egyptian times. Perhaps made the most popular during the American Civil War, hardtack was a staple in the soldiers diet on both sides. 

In an emergency, or say, zombie apocalypse, supplies may be in short demand. You wont be able to run to your nearest Walmart or big box store, unless its part of your survival contingency plan, in which case, you will probably die anyhow. You can however make the flour needed for hardtack, by harvesting the roots of a Cattail plant, should you be lucky enough to stumble upon them.

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This is a great little video that breaks down the basics of what can, and probably would happen when society begins to collapse, due to a catastrophic event, such as a zombie outbreak! This video was created by the folks over at New Rockstars on Youtube, so go check them out after watching the video below!

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